About AlFalah

To help our children (especially Asians) living in Kuwait grow within the environment prescribed by the Almighty Allah and produce generations imbued with true Islamic concepts and values, the need to set up our Islamic Academy was imperative. To meet this challenge Al Falah Islamic Academy was founded in 2006 June in a humble manner an alternative system to the prevailing systems.

We started with 15 pupils and by the Grace of Allah the number of pupils increased consecutively in the succeeding years. Alhamdulillah at present we have more than 250 pupils.

Along with Islamic education , great emphasis is put upon Tarbiyath (ethics), based on the teachings of Allah`s word, the Quraan, and the tradition of His Blessed Muhammed (S.A.W),the authentic Sunnah.

News & Events

Fri, Jan 7, 2017

Launched weekend classes in Khaitan.

Fri, Jan 7, 2017

Launched weekend classes in Abu-Halifa.

Vision and Goals

Raising kids with islamic culture

To raise the standard of the students by spreading the real Islamic knowledge and culture , in order to preserve the Muslim Identity.

Islamic Knowledge

To harmonize the students minds and hearts to understand the Sharia and the truth so that they may co-exist smoothly with the modern trends of life.

Make better muslims

Ultimately the purpose of Al Falah Islamic Academy is to make students better Muslims and bring them and their parents closer to Allah and thereby equip them to serve their communities and humanity at large.


To make all the students hafiz.

Bringing up righteous generation

To bring up good and righteous generation who are faithful to Allah ,their religion and their nation,inorder to invite to Allah in a wise and kind manner.

Knowledge with guided islamic education

To spread a sound, religious awareness as well as guided Islamic education.

Islamic value

To instill the noble values and manners, for which Islam calls.