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Mon, Jan 1, 2018

Launched Weekdays morning Hifl classes in Salmiya & Abu Halifa

Mon, Jan 1, 2018

Launched Playschool in Abu Halifa.


Shaykh Mohamed Ajwad al-Hashimi is the founder who is a traditionally trained Islamic scholar .He is originally from Sri Lanka, whereupon completing his secular education he enrolled into a five-year Islamic Sciences program which instilled in him the desire to dedicate his life to the pursuit of Islamic knowledge. After graduating from his studies in Sri Lanka he decided to travel to Pakistan where he spent a further four years studying at the prestigious Madrasa Arabia Raiwind. In this time, he completed a rigorous program covering many subjects in Islam,finally graduating with an Alim Degree. He then augmented his Arabic studies by completing an Arabic language fluency program with a famous Egyptian institute.

After completing his full-time Islamic studies,he migrated to Kuwait where he has been livng for the past six years. He has been heavily engaged in teaching and learning. He also did a diploma in Islamic banking at Institute of Banking Studies Kuwait. He previously worked at the Muslim Heritage Centre Kuwait as well as working as a freelance translator for numerous organizations owing to his linguistic talent and competency in six languages.

Through his love and commitment to the Quraan sciences, his preference is to teach the Quraan in the hope of practicing the famous narration of the Prophet (S.A.W) in Sahih al-Bukhari " The best amongst you is he who learns the Quraan and teaches it.With this Hadhees in mind and to lead the Muslim children in Islamic way he founded this AFIA.